TR 12:30pm - 2:10pm in Bracy 126/112/152

Instructor Information

Course Description

A hands-on course in the methods of experimental physics, with a focus on the interfacing of software and hardware for data acquisition and analysis. The course will cover advanced topics from classical mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, and quantum mechanics, and the communication of scientific results through written and oral presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Below are the overarching learning outcomes for the course. Specific learning outcomes will be provided with each experiment.

Course Policies


Percentage grades can be converted to an A-B scale using the following:


Throughout each lab description are a series of questions for you to answer about the experiments and data and graphs to be produced. Turning in these questions by the deadline for each experiment will earn you half of your deliverable grade. The other half of the grade is earned through the following assignments. For the written components, refer to the lab report guidelines located here. The video analysis assignments are to be ~10-minute videos where you explain the purpose of the experiment, the methodology, the results and discussion of the results, and any conclusions using slides and appropriate visuals.  Guidelines for the video analysis assignments are located here. Except for the videos, all deliverables are to be turned in as a physical copy. They can be handled to be or turned into my office before the end of the day on the posted due date. The video reports will be submitted to D2L dropboxes.

Poster Presentation

A poster presentation covering any of the seven experiments will be given during the last course. The poster presentations are open to the department and friends. You will be graded on both your poster design and your poster presentation. Guidelines for creating the poster and the poster presentation can be found here.

Final Lab Report

A full lab report for Experiment 4 (double chaotic pendulum) is before the end of the finals period of the course. This report should follow the guidelines for a lab report posted here and a physical copy needs to be turned in by the deadline.