PHY 299-02 Syllabus

Introduction to Quantum Computing and Information

Course Introduction

This course is a 16 week introduction to quantum computing with applications in business, finance, communications, science, and engineering. There is no expected background for this course but prior experience with linear algebra, quantum mechanics, and Python programming will make the first weeks of the course easier. This course will consist of 12 weeks of lectures introducing the main concepts in quantum computing as well as cutting edge applications to machine learning, finance, and science. Quantum computing codes will be run on both simulated quantum computers and real quantum computers. The remaining 4 weeks of this course are devoted to creating and presenting a final project on a topic of your choice.  Homeworks will be given weekly during the first 12 weeks of the course and the final project will make up the other half of the course's grade.

Learning Goals

Textbooks and Other Resources

WARNING: IBM has recently updated their interfaces and the Qiskit library so many "older" resources you find online (i.e. older than a year) likely have out-of-date syntax. You can still use any ideas you get from those sources, but you will have to update the code.


Final Project Guidelines

This course will culminate in a final project where you will complete one of the projects listed in the next section and report your results and findings both in a written report (due the last day of the course) and in a 10 minute presentation (to take place during the last week of the course).

Final Project Topics


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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Week 10

Week 11

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Week 13

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Week 15

Week 16

Homeworks (Assigned on Monday, Due the Following Wednesday)